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Ecce Romani 49, Vocabulary

admirationi esseto be a source of amazement
Androcles, Androclis m.Androcles
quasias if
admiror -ari -atus sumto wonder at
placidegently, peacefully, quietly, tamely
clementerin a kindly manner
blandein a coaxing/winning manner
exanimatus -a -umparalyzed
mutuus -a -ummutual
crudelitas, crudelitatis, f.cruelty
lambo, lambere, lambito lick
parco, parcere, peperci + dativeto spare
cogo, cogere, coegi, coactusto compel, to force
doleo, dolere, dolui, doliturusto be sorry, to be sad, to be in pain
claudus -a -umlame
lateo, latere, latuito lie in hiding
mitis, mitis, mitegentle
mansuetus -a -umtame
stirps, stirpis f.thorn
consensus -us m.agreement
bestia -ae fbeast
bestiarius i m.beast fighter
bestarius -a -uminvolving wild beasts
turba -ae fcrowd
populus -i m.people
imperator -oris m.emperor, commander
pulvinar, pulvinaris n.imperial seat at the games
recognitio, recognitionis frecognition
libero -areto set free
ostendo -ere ostendi ostentusto show, to point out
vescor, vesci, + feed on
immanis -ehuge
ingens, ingentishuge

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