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Ecce Romani 19 Vocabulary

cena -ae, f.dinner
lectus -i, m.bed
vobīsfor you, to you (pl.) Dative case
tibifor you, to you (sing.) Dative case
sordidus -a -umdirty
ceno -āreto dine, eat dinner
esurio -īreto be hungry
vigilo -āreto stay awake
duxithe led, he has led
iēruntthey went, they have gone
explico -āreto explain
iussithe ordered, he has ordered
valdēvery much, very, exceedingly
rem explicāreto explain the situation
intravēruntthey entered, they have entered
hicthis, nom., masc, singular
Corneliōfor Cornelius (Dative case)
cubitum īreto go to bed

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