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Final exam vocabulary, Dec. 2012

Some of the words are repeated. i will fix them soon.

acer, acris, acresharp, keen, fierce
centurio, centurionis m.centurion
comprerhendo, ere, comprehendi, comprehensusto seize, to catch
contingo -ere, contigi, contactusto touch, reach, make contact with
decedo, -ere, decessi, decessurusto leave, to depart
flamma -ae f.flame, fire
ignis, -is mfire
impedimenta, -orum n., baggage
lapis, lapidis mstone
multitudo, multitudinis f.large number, crowd, mob
pario -ere, parui, partusto bear, to give birth to
praesentia -ae f.presence
premo -ere pressi, pressusto press hard
respicio -ere, respexi, respectusto look behind. to look back
sicutias if, as, just as, just as if
tego -ere texi, tectusto cover
ventus - m.wind
virtus, virtutis f.courage, merit
audeo -ere ausus sumto dare
castra -orum n. plcamp
cohors, cohortis f.cohort, staff
fortuna -ae f.fortune, good luck
intellego -ere intellexi, intellectusto understand, to realize
mos, moris m.custom, habit
pauluma little, a small amount
quisquam, quidquamanyone, anything
recedo -ere recessi, recessurusto go back, to go away
telum -i n.weapon, spear
orator, oratoris mspeaker, orator
condo, -ere, condidi, conditusto establish, to found
coniuro -are -avi -aturusto plot, make a conspiracy, conspire
genus, generis n.race, class, family
ingenium -i n.intelligence, ingenuity, character
patria -ae, fatherland
clarus -a -umwell-known, distinguished
socius -i m.comrade, associate
vinco, vincere, vici, victusto conquer, to overcome
proelium -i n.battle
interficio, -ere, interfeci, interfectusto kill
impero -are -avi -atusto order, to rule, to hold supreme power
nobilis -is -enoble, of noble bityh
legio, legionis f.legion
appello -are -avi -atusto call by name, to name
usque ad + accusativeas far as, up to
ferealmost, nearly
bellum inferre +dativeto make war upon + dative
immanis -is -ehuge, immense, extensive
posteaafterward, later on
fio, fieri, factus sumto be made, be done;to happen; to become
flumen, fluminis n.river
pateo, patēre, patuito be open, be accessible
bellum -i nwar
fortuna -ae f.fortuna, luck
muto -are -avi -atusto change
consulatus -ūs m.consulship
defero, deferre, detuli, delatusto carry down, to offer, to confer
exercitus -ūs
iniuria -ae f.injustice, injury
calamitas, calamitatis f.disaster
universus -a -umall, entire, whole
apud +, at, at the house of, near
dux, ducis m.leader, general
contra + acc.against
vacuus -a -umempty
civilis -is -ecivil, polite
fugo -are -avi -atusto put to flight
dimico -are- avi -tusto fight, to struggle
dimitto -ere, dimisi, dimissisto send away, to let go
tantum, adv.only
indefrom there, then
dictator -oris m.dictator
populus -i m.people
coepi, coepisse, coeptusto begin (perfect, pluperfect, future perfect only)
posco, poscere, poposcito demand
nobilitas, nobilitatis f.nobility, senatorial class
aliqui, aliquae, aliquodsome, any
transeo, transire, transii or transivi, transiturusto go across, to cross over
victor, victoris m.victor, winner
adhucstill, up to this time
barbarus -a -umforeign
dexter, dextra, dextrumright
integer, integra, integrumwhole, complete, unhurt, intact
eques, equitis, soldier, cavalryman
praetereabesides, in addition
apudat the house of, near, at , in
consularis, -is -eex-consul
orbis, orbis
orbis terrarumthe world (circle of lands)
castra, castrorum n.
diripio, diripere, diripui, direptusto plunder, to ransack
aetas, aetatis f.age, time of life
intueor, intueri, intuitus sumto gaze at, look upon, contemplate
quondamonce, formerly
fundo, fundere, fudi, fususto pour out, to shower, to shed
amicitia -ae f.friendship
rex, regis, m.king
postremus -a -umlast, final
pugno -are -avi -atusto fight
dimico -are -avi -atusto fight
dux, ducis m.leader
fortuna -ae f.fortune, luck
fugo -are -avi -atusto put to flight
genus, generis n.race, class, family
nobilitas, nobilitatis f.nobility
victor, victoris m.victor
compono, componere, composui, compositusto compose, to settle, to complete
honor, honoris mhonor, political office
praesto, praestare, praestiti, praestitusto bestow
vulnus, vulneris nwound
res publica, rei publicae f.state, government
nepos, nepotis m.nephew, grandson
testamentum -i n.will
potior, potiri, potitus sum +ablative or genitiveto get control of , to get possession of
hostis, hostis menemy
persequor, persequi, persecutus sumto pursue
heres, heredis mheir
iudico, iudicare, iudicavi, iudicatusto judge
civilis -is -ecivil; polite
coepi, coepisseto begin
coniuro -are -avi -atusto plot, conspire
defero, deferre, detuli, delatusto carry down, to offer, confer
dux, ducis, mleader
eques, equitis soldier, cavalryman
exercitus - ūs marmy
ferealmost, nearly
genus, generis n.race, class, family
indefrom there, then
interficio -ere interfeci, interfectusto kill
orbis terrarumcircle of lands, the world
populus -i m.people
postealater on; afterward
res publica, rei publicae f.state, government
victor, victoris m.victor, winner
saneexceedingly, extremely
simulacrum -i n.image, likeness, effigy; statue
quisquam, quidquam or quicquamanyone, anything
iudex, iudicis, m.judge, juror
repentesuddenly, unexpectedly
impetus -ūs m.attack
vigil, vigilis m.(night) watchman
tollo, tollere, sustuli, sublatusto raise, to lift up
posteaafterward, next, then
signum -i n.sign, mark, military standard, image, statue
fama -ae, rumor
patrius -a -umfather's, ancestral
adventus -ūs m.arrival
instruo, instruere, instruxi, instructusto prepare, arrange, draw up for batle
viribusabl. from vis, strength
telum -i n.weapon
fors (nom) forts (abl)chance, luck, fortune
itaqueand so
concurro, -ere, concurri, concursurusto rush together, assemble quickly
membrum -i n.limb (of the body)
sesealternate form of se
inanis -is -eempty, empty handed
quinthat . . . not (takes subjunctive)
aliquis, aliquidsomeone, something, anyone, anything
velutjust as, as
aio, aiereto assert, maintain
immanis -is -eenormous, immense, monstrous
refero, referre, retuli, relatusto bring back, to count among
oportet, oportere, oportuitit is fitting, ought, should
constituo -ere constitui, constitutusto set in place, to establish
monumentum -i; reminder, testimonial
iste, ista, istudthat (expresses contempt or disdain)
perdo, -ere perdidi, perditusto ruin, ravage, destroy
antiquus -a -umold, ancient; former
modus -i m.way, method
praetor, praetoris, m.praetor, governor
quisque, quaeque, quidqueeach, each person, each thing
servilis -is -eof or as a slave, servile
iudicium -i n.judgment, verdict
integer, integra, integrumcomplete, intact, uncorrupted, upright
causa -ae f.reason, lawsuit, legal case
damno -are -avi -atusto condemn, find guilty
tutus -a -umsafe, secure
fames, famis ffamine, starvation
classis, classis f.fleet
sanctus -a -umvenerated, sacred, holy
religio, religionis f.religion, observance of religious ritual
deniquefinally, at last
pauloa little, slightly
honestus -a -umhonorable, upright
amitto -ere amisi, amissusto lose
cogo -ere coegi, coactusto compel, to force
fames, famis f.famine, stravation
fidus -a -umloyal, faithful
hostis, hostis, m. (usually pl.)enemy
propter+ acc. because of
provincia -ae f.conquered territory, province
rex, regis m.king
socius -i m.companion, associate, ally
arbitror -ari -atus sumto think, judge
caedes, caedis, fslaughter, killing, murder
confero, -ferre -tuli collatusto bring together; to bestow, to apply
coniuratio, coniurationis fconspiracy
consilium -i n.plan
designo -are -avi -atusto mark, indicate, designate
furor, furoris m.madness, frenzy
iacto -are -avi -atusto toss around
immorather, on the contrary
mos, moris m.custom, habit, pl. character
noto -are -avi -atusto mark, mark out
os, oris n.mouth, face
pestis, pestisplague; destruction, death
proximus -a -umnearest, next; most recent
superior, -iushigher; earlier, previous
vultus -ūs m.face, expression
iste, ista, istudthat (expressing contempt)
oportet, -ere, oportuitit is fitting; ought, should
pateo, -ēre, patuito be open, be exposed
quisque, quisque, quidqueeach; each person, each one
sesehimself, herself, itself, oneself, themselves
telum -i n.weapon
comperio, -ire, comperi, compertusto find out, learn, discover
deligo, -ere, delegi, delectusto choose
exitium -i n.destruction, ruin
ferrum -i n.iron, iron object, sword
gens, gentis, clan, pl. peoples, nations
immortalis -is -eimmortal
metus -ūs m.fear
paulum -i n.a small amount, a little
polliceor, -ēri, pollicitus sumto promise
reperio -īre, repperi, repertusto find
sententia -ae f.feeling, opinion
sino -ere, sivi, situsto allow
versor -ari -atus sumto stay; be situated; be involved with
adeoso much, to such an extent
castra -orum n.
dimitto, dimittere, dimisi, dimissusto send away, to let go
libero -are -avi -atusto set free
pauloa little, somewhat
sanctus -a -umholy, sacred
competitor, -toris mpolitical rival
coniungo -ere coniunxi, coniunctusto join together, to link
privatus -a -umprivate, personal
antiquus -a -umold, ancient; former
consularis -is -ebelonging to a consul, consular
defendo -ere, defendi, defensusto defend
deniquefinally, last
designo -are -avi -atusto mark, indicate, designate
immortalis -is -eimmortal
pestis, -is. fplague, destruction, death
proximus -a -umnearest, next; most recent
publicus -a -umpublic
competitor, -toris mpolitical rival
coniungo -ere coniunxi, coniunctusto join together, to link
privatus -a -umprivate, personal
antiquus -a -umold, ancient; former
calamitas, calamitatis, f.disaster
consularis -is -ebelonging to a consul, consular
defendo -ere, defendi, defensusto defend
deniquefinally, last
designo -are -avi -atusto mark, indicate, designate
immortalis -is -eimmortal
pestis, -is. fplague, destruction, death
proximus -a -umnearest, next; most recent
audeo -ēre ausus sumto dare
comes, comitis m.companion
dubito -are -avi -atusto doubt, hesitate
hortor -ari -atus sumto encourage, urge
manus -ūs f.hand, band, group
quoniamsince, because
reliquus -a -umthe rest, remaining, other
sponteof one's own accord, voluntarily
tectum -i n.roof; pl. house
vita -ae
voco -are -avi -atusto call
exitium -i n.destruction, ruin
iudex, iudicis m.judge

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