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Daphne and Apollo, lines 524 to 567

prosum, prodesse, profuito be of use to, benefit, help; to be beneficial
timidus, -a, -umfearful, timorous
adversus, -a, -umopposite, facing, turned toward
impello, impellere, impuli, impulsusto strike, beat against; to motivate
retrotoward the rear, backwards, behind
sustineo, sustinere, sustinuito hold up, support; to sustain; to be able to without relenting
perdo, perdere, perdidi, perditusto destroy, ruin; to waste
blanditia, -ae, f.flattery, alluring speech
passus, -us, m.step, pace, stride
arvum, -i, n.field
praeda, -ae, f.booty, plunder; prey, game
stringo, stringere, strinxi, strictusto bind, secure; to draw tight; to draw close to, touch
anwhether, or, if
morsus, -us, m.bite; teeth, jaws
tango, tangere, tetigi, tactusto touch
spes, spei, f.hope
requies, requietis, requiem,, respite
nego, -are, -avi, -atusto say not; to refuse, deny
crinis, crinis, m.lock of hair; hair
spargo, spargere, sparsi, sparsusto scatter, strew; to allow to stream out
absumo, absumere, absumpsi, absumptusto use up; to wear out, exhaust
expallesco, expallescere, expalluito grow pale
citus, -a, -umswift, rapid
ops, opis, f.power, ability; resources; aid
flumen, fluminis,, river
numen, numinis, n.nod; divine power, supernatural influence
nimiumtoo much, excessively
muto, -are, -avi, -atusto exchange; to change, replace; to transform
figura, -ae, f.form, composition; outward appearance
prex, precis, f.entreaty, prayer
artus, -us, m.joint of the body; arm, leg, limb
mollis, -is, -esoft, tender; gentle
cingo, cingere, cinxi, cinctusto surround, encircle
tenuis, -is, -eslender, thin
frons, frondis, f.leafy part of a tree, foliage
cresco, crescere, crevi, creturusto be born, arise; to increase, change into; to grow, bud
radix, radicis, f.root
cacumen, cacuminis, n.peak, top; treetop
cortex, corticis, m.bark
membrum, -i, n.part of the body, limb, member
lignum, -i, n.firewood; wood; stump; shaft
coniunx, coniugis, m./f.spouse
coma, -ae,
laurus, -i, f.laurel tree, bay; sprig/branch of laurel; garland of laurel
triumphus, -i, m.the ritual shout "triumphe"; victory celebration; victory
cano, canere, cecini, cantusto sing, chant; to sing about, celebrate
pompa, -ae, f.ceremonial procession
fidus, -a, -umfaithful, loyal, devoted
foris, foris, f.door, entrance; double-doors
tueor, tueri, tuitus sumto look at, observe; to watch over, protect
quercus, -us, f.oak tree; oak garland
iuvenalis, -is, -eyouthful

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