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Colby 9a

incipio, -ere, -cepi, -ceptusbegin
incitoincite, rouse
incolo, -ere, -coluiinhabit, dwell
incolumis, -esafe
indethence, from there, then
indico, -ere, -dixi, -dictusdeclare, proclaim
ineo, -ire, -ii, -iturusenter, go into; begin
inermis, -eunarmed
inferior, -iuslower
infimuslowest, last
inimicus, -i, m.enemy
iniquus, -a, -umuneven; unfair, unfavorable
initium, -ti, n.beginning
iniuria, -ae, f.wrong, injury
inopia, -ae, f.scarcity, want
insidiae, -arum, f.ambush; plot
insigne, -is, n.mark, device
instituo, -ere, -stitui, -stitutusset up, establish; begin
insto, -are, -stiti, -staturuspress on; be at hand
instruo, -ere, -struxi, -structusdraw up; equip
insula, -ae, f.island

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