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1000 Essential Words, 2

alius, alia, aliudother, another
alter, altera, alterumthe other (of two)
amo -are -avi -atusto love
animus -i m.mind
annus -i m.year
antebefore, in front of + acc.
dedown from, concerning, about +abl.
debeo -ēre, debui, debitusto owe, ought
deindethen, next
deus, dei mgod
dico, -ere dixi dictusto say
ibithere, at that place
idem, eadem, idemthe same
inin, on +abl; into, onto, against + acc
ille, illa, illudthat
natura -ae f.nature
nenot, that not
-neindicates a question
nemo, neminis m/fno one
nihil (indeclinable) n.nothing
probefore, in front of, on behalf of +abl.
propenear +acc.; nearly
propteron account of + acc.
puto -are -avi -atusto think
quaero, -ere quaesivi, quaesitusto seek, to ask
quamthan; possible; how
rus, ruris n.countryside,
scio -ire scivi scitusto know
scribo -ere scripsi, scriptusto write
senatus -ūs msenatus
ullus -a -umany
undefrom where
unus -a -umone, alone
urbs, urbis
utas, when; in order that; so that, to

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