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Latin phrases,mottoes, etc. - (copy)

veni vidi viciI came I saw I conquered
terra firmaland; solid ground
tempus fugittime flies
sic transit gloriaglory is fleeting
semper fidelisalways faithful
rara avisrare bird; unique person
pro bonofor the public good
pax vobiscum (tecum)peace be with you
nolo contendereno contest
in hoc signo vincesin this sign you will conquer
habeas corpusmay you have the body (right to a hearing)
e pluribus unumone out of many
corpus delictibody of the crime; main evidence
caveat emptorbuyer, beware
cogito ergo sumI think therefore I am
cave canembeware of the dog
ars gratia artisart for art's sake
ad nauseamto the point of sickness
annuit coeptishe has nodded on our beginnings
a.m.before noon of philosophy
n.b.note well
QEDthat which was to be demonstrated
etc.and the rest
b.i.d.twice a day
e.g.for example the year of the Lord
i.e.that is
p.m.after noon
post mortemautopsy
M.A.master of arts
RIPrest in peace
p.s.written after
SPQRthe Senate and the Roman people
carpe diemseize the day
novus ordo seclorumnew order of the ages
sic semper tyrannisthus always to tyrants
panem et circensesbread and circuses
mens sana in corpore sanosound mind in a sound body

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