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Ecce Romani 62 - Vocabulary pages 88 and 90

vallum - i n.stockade around a camp
existmo -are -avi -atusto think
oppugno -are -avi -atusto attack, to storm
etsialthough, even though
aestus -ūs m.heat
meridies, meridiei mmidday, noon
imperium -i n.command, order
pareo, ēre parui+ dat. to obey, to carry out
relinquo -ere reliqui, relictusto leave behind
plerique -aeque -aquevery many, a large part
pertineo -ēre pertinui pertentusto extend to, to reach
argentum -i n.silver
nonnulli -ae -asome others, several
fiducia -ae f.confidence in + gen.
conquiro -ere conquisivi, conquisitusto obtain, to procure
voluptas -tatis f.pleasure, comfort
versor -ari-atus sumto move about, to operate
nanciscor, nancisci, nactus sumto obtain, procure, get
insigne, insignis n.insignia, badge
contendo -ere contendi, contentusto strain, to exert, to hurry
comitatus -ūs, retinue
queror queri questus sumto complain, to lament
prodo, -ere prodidi, proditusto betray

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