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Literary and poetic devices

Here is a set of exercises with some of the poetic and literary devices.

alliterationrepetition of sound at the beginning of words
anaphorarepetition of words at the beginning of clauses
hyperbatona change of usual word order, e.g. the wide separation of a noun and its adjective
asyndetonlack of conjunctions
chiasmusABBA word order
ellipsisomission of words
metaphorimplied comparison
similea compariosn using the words like or as
litotesan assertion of something my denying the opposite.
metonymythe substitution of one word for a closely related one
onomatopoeiaword sounds like what it means
personificationgiving human qualities to inanimate objects
polysyndetonmany conjunctions such as -que and et
synchesisABAB word order
syncope, syncopationcutting off a letter or syllable e.g. fuēre for fuērunt
tricolona series of three phrases or clauses
diminutiveindication of a small amount or small size
apostrophedirect address to an absent person or object
oxymoronjuxtaposition of contradictory words

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