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Caesar vocabular (Bk. V 24-27)

adsum, adesse, adfui, adfuturusto be present, be here
aliterin another way, differently
auctor, auctoris m.promoter, producer, author, advocate
biduum -i n,space of two days, two days
communis -is -ecommon
concilium -i n.council
concito -are -avi -atusto put in motion, incite, stir up
conscribo -ere conscripsi, conscriptusto write down, to sign up, to enlist
consulo -ere consului, consultusto consider, +dat. to be mindful of, to look out for, to take care of
controversia -ae f.quarrel, dispute, disagreement
deficio -ere defeci defectusto fail, to withdraw, desert, revolt
despero -are -avi -atusto give up hope
frumentarius -a -umhaving to do with grain, of grain
gratia -ae ffavor, regard; thanks
impello -ere impuli, impulsusto push against, to strike, to set in motion, urge on, persuade
maiores -um m. plancestors
minuo -ere minui, minutusto lessen, to make smaller
moror -ari -atus sumto remain, stay, delay
munio -ire munivi, munitusto build, to fortify
nascor nasci, natus sumto be born
nego -are -avi -atusto deny, to say no
opera -ae f.exertion, efforts, service
oppugnatio -ionis fattack, assault
oro -are -avi -atusto beg
pendo -ere pependi, pensumto weigh, to pay
praeficio -ere praefeci, praefectusto put someone (acc) in charge of something (dat)
praesertimespecially, particularly
praesum -esse -fui -futurus+ dat to be in charge of; be in command of
quaestor -oris m.quaestor (financial official)
ratio -onis f.reckoning, account, care, concern
repentinus -s -umsudden
salus salutis, welfare
sentio -ire sensi sensusto perceive, realize, notice
servitūs, servitutis fslavery
singularis -is -esingle, one at a time, individual, unusual
trado -ere tradidi, traditusto hand over, to hand down
tutus -a -umsafe
vallum -i n.wall, rampart
vereor -eri, veritus sumto fear

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