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De Officiis vocabulary

praeceptum -i n.precept, instruction, rule
institutum i, n.custom, instruction, principle
facultas -tatis fability, skill, opportunity
aetas -tatis ftime of life, age
disputo -are -avi -atusto discuss, to examine
officium -i n.duty. obligation, service
forensis -is -eof the forum, public
contraho -ere -traxi -tractusto negotiate, deal with
quaesitio -onis f.inquiry, examination, investigation
ratio -onis freason
tueor-eri tuitus sumto look at, protect
pareo ēre -ui paritus be obedient to, to obey
paro -are -avi -atusto prepare
appetitus ūs mlonging, desire
belua -ae f,beast
adiungo -ere -iunxi -iunctusto join to, to attach
studeo -ēre studuito be eager, to be devoted, to study
inquisitio -onis finquiry
factum -i n.deed, act
honestum -i nmorality, virtue

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