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Caesar vocabulary (Bk IV 24-25)

altitudo -tudinis fheight, depth
altum -i n.the deep, the sea
animadverto -ere -verti -versusto observe, notice, perceive
apertus -a -umopen; unprotected
aquila -ae f.eagle
aridum -i n.dry land, land
coepi, coepisse, coeptusto begin
cohortor -ari -atus sumto encourage
coicio -ere coiēci, coiectusto throw
consisto -ere constitito halt, to stand, take a stand, take a position
consuesco -ere conseuvi, consuetusto accustom; in perfect -to be accustomed
desilio -ire -desilui, desultusto leap down, jump down
equitatus -ūs m.cavalry
essedarius -i m.chariot warrior
fluctus -ūs m.wave
funda -ae f.slingshot
genus -eris n.type, class
impeditus -a -umobstructed, impeded, hindered, burdened
imperator -oris m.commander, general
imperitus -a -uminexperienced, unskilled
indefrom there, then
latus, lateris n.side
magnitudo -dinis f.large size, size
membrum -i n.limb
motus -ūs m.movement
notus -a -umwell known, familiar
officium i n.duty, service
onerarius -a -umcarrying cargo
pauluma little
plerumquegenerally, mostly
prodo -ere prodidi, proditusto hand over, hand down, to betray
propello -ere propuli, propulsusto drive forward, to drive away
propter +acc.because of , on account of
pugna -ae ffight, battle
studium i, nenthusiasm, zeal
subsequor -i subsecutus sumto follow closely, to follow
telum -i n.weapon
universus -a -umall together
usus -ūs m.use
constituo - ere constitui constitutusto set up, decide, station, anchor

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