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Columbus, 1, 2, Vocabulary

occidens, occidentis m.the west
navigium - i n.vessel, ship
instruo -ere instruxi, instructusto equip, to outfit
augeo -ēre auxi auctusto increase
inopinatus -a -umunexpected, unanticipated.
a nostra salutefrom (the year of) our salvation, i.e. from the birth of Christ
licetit is allowed; although
occido -ere occidi occasumto set, to sink down
urgeo -ēre ursito encourage
modo . . . modofirst . . . then
patefacio -ere patefeci patefactumto bring to light
murmuro -areto grumble
finitimus -a -umnear, neighboring + dative; as noun, neighbor
religio -ionis freligion
margarita -ae fpearl
laevus -a -umleft
contentus -a -umcontent; surrounded
convicium -i n.insult
perimo -ereto kill
mulceo -ēreto calm, appease
blandus -a-umsoothing, pleasant
Colonus-i mColumbus

Latin Teacher, Karate Instructor, Rock Band Teacher
Wichita Collegiate School
Wichita, KS

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