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Catullus Review IV (7, 43, 86, 87, 109, 85, 70, 72, 8, 11, 76)

quaero -ere, quaesivi, quaesitusto seek, to look for, to ask
basio -are -avi -atusto kiss
formosus -a -umbeautiful, gorgeous
nasus -i m.nose
aestuosus -a-umvery hot, sweltering
vesanus -a -uminsane, crazy, frenzied
digitus -a -umfinger
comparo -are -avi -atusto place together, to compare
foedus, foederis n.treaty, compact, bond
forefuturum esse
inter+acc. between, among
cupidus -a -umpassionately longing, desirous, eager
diligo -ere, dilexi, dilectusto esteem, cherish, love
magismore, rather
uro -ere, ussi, ustusto burn, to inflame with desire
requiro -ere, requisivi, requisitusto ask, inquire
sentio -ire, sensi, sensusto feel, notice, relize
excrucio -are, -avi, -atusto crucify, to torture
vulgus -i n.the common people, general public
vilis -is -elight, trivial, unreliable, fickle
desino -ere, desii, desitusto cease, stop
doleo -ere, -ui, -itusto be sorry, be in pain
fulgeo, -ere, fulsito gleam, to shine, glitter
iocosus -a -umful of jest; funny, playful
obduro -are, -avi, -aturusto steel oneself; to be resolute
pereo -ire, -ii -iturusto die, perish, come to an end
aequor -oris n.level surface, in pl.. the sea
comes -itis m/fcompanion, comrade
horribilis -is -einspiring fear/ horror; rough
unda -ae f.wave
depono -ere, deposui, depositusto lay down, put aside, set down
pectus -pectoris n.chest, breast
pernicies -ei f.destruction, ruin
difficilis -is -edifficult

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