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Catullus and Ovid II

These words occur ten times or more on the AP selections of Catullus and Ovid.

abprep + abl.from, by
adprep + acc. to, toward, for
amor, amoris
animus -i m.mind
credo - ere, credidi, creditus+dat. to trust, believe
do, dare, dedi, datusto give
dico, dicere, dixi, dictusto say, speak, tell
ex, eprep + abl. from, out of
fugio, -ere fugi, fugiturusto flee, to escape
gaudeo -ere gavisus sumto be glad, rejoice, to find pleasure (in - abl.)
ille, illa, illudthat; he , she, it
inquam, inquis, inquit; perf - inquiito say
ipse, ipsa, ipsum-self
litus, litoris n.shore
mens, mentis f.mind
mors, mortis f.death
noswe, us
nullus -a -umno, none
qui, quae, quodwho, which, that
tamso, as, such
tamenhowever, nevertheless
tantus -a-umso great, as great
tantumadv. only, so much, so
unus -a -umone, one alone
verus -a -umtrue
iamnow, already
meus -a -ummy, mine
novus -a -umnew
novissimus -a -umlatest, last
sicin this way, so, thus
suus -a -umhis, her, its, their (own)
venio, venire, veni, venturuscome
video, videre, vidi, visussee
vosyou (pl)

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