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Catullus and Ovid IV

Most of these words occur ten times or more in the AP selections of Catullus and Ovid.

pectus, pectoris n.breast, chest; soul, heart, mind
pono, ponere, posui, positusto put, place; provide
puer, -i m.boy
quamto which extent; how; as, than
quisque, quaeque, quodqueeach one; both
relinquo, -ere reliqui, relictusto leave behind, forsake, abandon
se, sese,him/ her/itself/themselves
sentio, -ire sensi, sensusto perceive, sense, feel
siveor if; whether . . .or
talis -esuch, such a
tectum-i n.roof, ceiling; roofed building, house, dwelling; shelter
totus -a -umthe whole, entire
tuyou (singular)
tumthen, at that time
tuus -a -umyour (singular)
unda -ae f.wave; waves of the sea, sea
valeo, valere, valui, valitusto have strength or health; be effective
vestis -is, garments
primus -a umfirst; the end of
numerus -i m.number; verse, meter
iuvenis -is m.youth, young man
signum -i n,.sign, signal
ubiwhere, when
ventus -i m.wind
verbum, -i n.word
vox, vocis, f.voice
virgo, virginis f.maiden, young woman; the constellation Virgo
vacuus -a-umempty, vacant, empty-handed

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