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Aeneid Vocabulary: Words which appear more than 23 times

Review the cards; if you play a game, do so several times so you see as many words as possible.

a ab (+ abl.)(away) from by
ac atqueand also; as than
accipio accipere accepi acceptusto receive to accept; to learn to hear to conceive
Acestes Acestae m.a king in Sicily
ad (+ acc.)to toward at near about
adsum adesse adfui adfuturusto be present to assist
Aeneas Aeneae m.Trojan prince hero of the Aeneid son of Venus and Anchises
aequor aequoris n.sea waves; plain
agmen agminis line troop; course
ago agere egi actusto lead to drive to do to treat to pass to conduct
aio ais ait; aiuntto say to speak to assert
alius alia aliudother another else
altus alta altumhigh lofty deep
amor amoris desire passion
Anchises Anchisae m.Trojan prince father of Aeneas
anima animae f.air breath life soul shade
animus animi m.soul spiti breath courage; anger pride; purpose thought
ante (+ acc.)before; sooner previously
antiquus antiqua antiquumancient old aged former of olden times time-honored
ara arae f.altar
ardeo ardere arsi arsusto burn to be eager
arma armorum n. pl.arms equipment tools
arvum arvi n.plowed land field region
arx arcis fort; height hill
at astbut yet however at least
ater atra atrumblack gloomy deadly
atque acand also; as than
audio audire audivi auditusto hear to hearken to listen
aura aurae f.breeze air; favor; light
aurum auri
autor either
bellum belli n.war combat fight
caelum caeli heaven; weather
campus campi m.plain field level surface
capio capere cepi captusto take to seize to catch; to captivate; to deceive; to occupy
caput capitis n.head; summit; life; person
casus casus m.fortune misfortune; fall
cerno cernere crevi cretusto discern to perceive to understand to decide; to fight
circum (+ acc.)around about at near
clamor clamoris m.shout roar applause
classis classis f.fleet army ship
comes comitis m/fcomrade follower
conjunx conjugis m/fhusband wife
corpus corporis n.body corpse form
cum (+ abl.)with
cum (conj.)when while since although
cunctus cuncta cunctumall whole entire
cura curae anxiety grief; love
cursus cursus m.course running; haste
Danaus Danaa DanaumDanaan Greek
de (+ abl.)down from away from from of concerning according to
dea deae fgoddess
deus dei m.god divinity deity
dexter dextra dextrumright ; favorable
dextera dexterae f.right hand
dico dicere dixi dictusto say to speak to tell to call to name to describe to chant
dictum dicti nword speech command
Dido Didonis f.legendary founder and queen of Carthage
dies diei time season
divus diva divumdivine heavenly deified
do dare dedi datusto give to grant to allow to bestow to put to place to make
domus domus houshold home abode; family race line
donum doni offering prize reward
duco ducere duxi ductusto lead to draw out to protract to produce; to think
dumwhile (+ ind.) as long as until (+ sub.) provided
e ex (+ abl.)out of from according to
ego meiI
eo ire ivi iturusto go to proceed to come
equus equi steed charger
eripio eripere eripui ereptusto snatch to tear away; to rescue; to hasten
error errare erravi erratusto stray to wander to err; to linger
etand also even too
ex e (+ abl.)out of from according to
facio facere feci factus -a umto do to make to perform; to grant to offer; to suppose
fama famae f.fame report reputation
fatum fati n.fate destiny doom; oracle
fero ferre tuli latus -a umto bear to endure; to wear; to report to say
ferrum ferri n.iron; sword weapon tool
fessus fessa fessumtired weary feeble worn
finis finis m.end limit forder; country; goal; starting place
flamma flammae f.flame fire torch; love
fluctus fluctus m.wave tide flood sea
for fari fatusto speak to say to tell to utter
fors fortis f.chance fortune
fortuna fortunae f.fortune chance luck
fuga fugae f.flight haste exile speed
fugio fugere fugi --to flee (from) escape shun
fundo fundere fudi fususto pour (out) shed; lay low slay rout
furo furere furui --to rage to rave to be frantic
futurus futura futurumfuture destined impending about to be
geminus gemina geminumtwin double two
genitor genitoris m.begetter father sire
gens gentis f.clan race nation herd
genus generis n.birth origin race; descendant; kind family
habeo habere habui habitusto have to hold; to consider
haudnot by no means not at all
heualas! ah! ah me!
hic (with the macron)here there
hic haec hocthis that; he she it
hincfrom this place hence thence
honos honoris m.honor glory reward; offering
hucto this place hither here
idem eadem idemsame the same
ignis ignis flame light lightning star; passion love fury wrath
ille illa illudthat; he she it
immanis immanehuge monstrous enormous mighty dreadful cruel atrocious
imperium imperi n.command power rule realm
imus ima imumlowest
in (+ abl.)in on among
in (+ acc.)into against toward
infelix (ge n.)infelicisunfortunate accursed unhappy ill-omened unlucky
inferus infera inferumlow below underneath
ingens ingentis (adj.)enormous mighty huge
inter (+ acc.)between among during
ipse ipsa ipsumhimself herself itself; very
ira irae f.wrath anger rage passion
is ea idhe she it; this; that
Italia Italiae f.Italy
jamnow already finally at once
jubeo jubere jussi jussusto order to command to bid to urge
Juno Junonis f.Juno queen of the gods
Juppiter Jovis m.Jupiter king of the gods
labor labi lapsusto slip to glide to slide
labos laboris m.labor hardship task
lacrima lacrimae f.tear compassion
laetus laeta laetumhappy; fertile fat sleek
limen liminis n.threshold doorway entrance; abode; shrine; palace
litus litoris n.shore strand coast beach
locus loci region; condition situation; opportunity
longus longa longumlong distant
lumen luminis n.light lamp; eye; life
lux lucis f.light sun day; life; glory
magnus magna magnumgreat large huge vast; noble illustrious mighty important
maneo manere mansi mansurusto remain to stay to abide to linger
manus manus f.hand; band troop
mare maris n.sea
mater matris f.mother
maximus maxima maximumgreatest
medius media mediummiddle
mens mentis f.mind feeling intention
meus mea meummy mine
miser misera miserummiserable unhappy wretched unfortunate pitiable
mitto mittere misi missusto send to hurl to dismiss to let go; to end to finish;
moenia moenium n.walls; city; structures
mons montis m.mountain
mors mortis f.death destruction ruin
moveo movere movi motusto move; to ponder
multus multa multummuch abundant pl. many
munus muneris n.function duty; gift
name namquefor; indeed truly
natus nati m.son child young
navis navis f.ship boat vessel galley
nethat not no not
-ne(sign of a question) whether or
neque necnor neither and not
nomen nominis fame renown
noster nostra nostrumour our own
novus nova novumnew young strange late
nox noctis f.night darkness; sleep
nullus nulla nullumnone no no one
numen numisnis n.divinity divine power
nuncnow soon as it is
oculus oculi m.eye
omnis omneall every whole universal
ora orae f.shore coast region border
os oris n.mouth face;speech
parens parentis m. & f.parent ancestor father mother
paro parare paravi paratusto prepare to make ready
pars partis f.part portion share side
pater patris m.father ancestor
patrius patria patriumpaternal ancestral native
pectus pectoris n.breast heart soul
pelagus pelagi n.sea flood waves
per (+ acc.)through by (means of) over among because of during
pes pedis m.foot; sheet-rope sheet
peto petere petivi petitusto seek to attack to aim (at) to ask; to scan
pius pia piumdevoted loyal righteous
plures pluramore (pl.)
plurimus plurima plurimummost
plusmore (sing.)
poena poenae f.punishment penalty satisfaction revenge vengeance
pono ponere posui positusto put to place (aside); to found to establish; to bury
portus portus m.port harbor haven
possum posse potui ---to be able can to avail
Priamus Priami m.Priam king of Troy
primus prima primumfirst foremost chief
proculfar at a distance (from) afar
puer pueri m.boy child; slave
puppis puppis f.stern; ship vessel galley
quaero quaerere quaesivi quaesitusto seek (in vain) to miss to inquire to ask to try
-queand also even
qui quae quodwho which what that
quis quidwho? which? what? why? any some(one)
quowhither where(fore) whereby
quondam(at) some time formerly ever
refero referre retuli relatusto bear back to restore to carry off; to reproduce to renew to recall; to relate to say; to (re)pay
regina reginae f.queen
regnum regni n.royal power kingdom realm rule sway sovereignty
relinquo relinquere reliqui relictusto leave to desert to surrender to abandon to relinquish
remus remi m.oar
res rei f.thing affair matter deed fact fortune; state commonwealth
rex regis m.king
ruo ruere rui ru(i)tusto fall; to rush; to sink; to plow
sacer sacra sacrumsacred holy consecrated; accursed; n. subt. sacrifice holy implement holy object; mystery
sanguis sanguinis m.blood; race descendant
saxum saxi n.stone rock reef cliff crag
sedbut moreover however
sedes sedis; abode habitation; bottom; tomb shrine; lace region
sequor sequi secutus -a umto follow attend pursue accompany seek
servo servare servavi servatusto observe watch; perserve save guard keep rescue; nurse
siif (only) whether in case that
sicso thus in this manner
sidus sideris constellation meteor; season weather; heaven
silva silvae f.forest wood(s) tree(s)
simulat the same time together
simul atque or simul acas soon as
socius soci comrade follower
solus sola solumalone only lonely sole
somnus somni m.sleep slumber dream
sto stare steti statusto stand (fast up); halt; endure; stick (to) remain
sub (acc. abl.)under (from) close (to) beneath (deep) in after
subeo subire subivi (subii) subitusto to under bear; approach enter; arise (+dat.)
sui sibi se se(of) himself herslef itself themselves; him her it them
sum esse fui futurusto be exist
summus summa summumtop topmost
super (+ acc. + abl.)above beyond left in addition upon concerning about
superus supera superumupper higher above; (as a substantive) god divinity
supremus suprema supremumuppermost superlative of adjective superussuperus
surgo surgere surrexi surrectusto raise (a)rise spring up surge
suus sua suumhis own her own its own their own
talis talesuch of such a sort the following
tandemat length finally
tantus tanta tantumso great so much so far
tectum tecti n.roof; home house abode
tellus telluris land country
telum teli n.weapon; wound blow
tempus temporis n.time; occasion crisis
tendo tendere tetendi tentusto stretch; hasten strive (ex)tend aim
teneo tenere tenui tentusto have hold restrain
terra terrae land country soil
Teucrus Teucra TeucrumTeucrian Trojan
tollo tollere sustuli sublatusto lift raise upheave stir up; remove destroy
totus tota totumall every whole full
traho trahere traxi tractusto drag (out) draw (in) lead protract spend
tristis tristesad unhappy dreary fatal
Troja Trojae f.Troy a city of Asia Minor
tu tui (pl. vos vestrum)you
tum tuncthen at that time; further
tuus tua tuumyour your own
Tyrius Tyria TyriumTyrian Carthaginian
ubiwhere when as soon as
ullus ulla ullumany any one
umbra umbrae fshade shadow ghost
umerus umeri m.shoulder
unda undae f.wave billow water sea
unus una unumone only alone single
urbs urbis town
ut utitop topmost
vastus vasta vastumdesolate vast enormous
vates vatis m. ( f.)prophet seer bard
-ve velor either even
velum veli n.cloth canvas sail
venio venire veni ventusto come go
ventus venti m.wind breeze blast air
via viae f.way road journey street
victor victoris mvictor; (adj.) victorious
video videre vidi visusto see perceive
videor videri visus sumbe seen appear seen (best)
vinco vincere vici victusto conquer surpass
vir viri; hero; husband
vis vis fforce violence energy
vita vitae soul spirit
vixscarcely feebly with difficulty
voco vocare vocavi vocatusto call name address convoke invoke invite challenge
volo velle volui ---will wish be willing
volvo volvere volvi volutusto revolve (un)roll roll (round through); undergo
vox vocis f.voice word speech sound

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