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Ecce Romani 58

euntesgoing (present active participle)
familiaris, familiaris (m/f)close friend
municipium, -i (n)town
posterus, a, umnext, following
veho, vehere, vexi, vectusto carry, to convey
comes, comitis (m.)companion, comrade
eques, equitis (m.)knight, equestrian
agmen, agminis (n.)column, line
mos, moris (m.)custom, habit
tumultus, us (m.)uproar, commotion
respicio, respicere, respexi, respectusto look back
orior, oriri, ortus sumto arise (DEPONENT)
pugna, ae (f)battle, fight
defero, deferri, detuli, delatusto carry down
lateo, latere, latuito hide, to lie in hiding
conficio, conficere, confeci, confectusto finish (off)
revertor, reverti, reversus sumto turn back, return (DEPONENT)
tollo, tollere, sustuli, sublatusto lift, to raise
perfero, perferre, pertuli, perlatusto deliver, bring in
augeo, augere, auxi, auctusto increase, to magnify
ostendo, ostendere, ostendi, ostentusto show, to point out
idem, eadem, idemthe same
vulgus, -i (n.)rabble, mob
studeo, studere, studui + be eager for, to support
flagro -are -avito burn, to blaze up
itemlikewise, in the same way
iungo, iungere, iunxi, iunctusto join, to connect
invidia, ae (f)hatred, jealousy
plebs, plebis, (f)plebeians, common people
causa (long a)for the sake of
gratia (long a)for the sake of
cupidus -a-umdesirous
idoneus -a -umsuitable, fit
ad (with a gerund)for the purpose of

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