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Ecce Romani 61, Part II

impetus -us m.attack
ordo, ordinis, m.line, rank ( of soldiers)
eques, equitis, pl. cavalry
sinister, sinistra, sinistrumleft
impero -are -avi -atusto order, to command
equitatus -us m.cavalry
paulatimlittle by little, gradually
cedo -ere cessi, cessurusto give way, to retreat
insto, instare, institito press on, to attack
explico -are -avi -atusto unfold, to arrange, to deploy
acies, aciei f.battle line
latus, lateris n.side, flank
instituo -ere institui, institutusto set up, to arrange
summoveo -ere summovi, summotusto move away, drive off
inermis -is -eunarmed
praesidium -i n.guard, protection
adorior, adoriri, adortus sumto attack, to rise up against
potior -potiri, potitus sumto get possession of, obtain
fruor, frui, fructus sumto enjoy
fungor, fungi, functus sumto perform, to discharge
utor, uti, usus sumto make use of, to use
vescor, vescito eat, to feed on

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