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Colby 11a

mirorwonder at, be surprised
mirus, -a, -umstrange, wonderful
miser, -era, -erumwretched
mitto, -ere, misi, missussend
modoonly; just now, lately
modus, -i, m.manner, way
moneo, -ere, monui, monituswarn, advise
mons, montis, m.mountain
mora, -ae, f.delay
mors, mortis, f.death
mos, moris, m.custom, habit
motus, -us, m.movement; revolt
moveo, -ere, movi, motusmove
mulier, -eris, f.woman
multus, -a, -ummuch; many
munio, -ire, -ivi, -itusfortify; construct
munus, -eris, n.duty; gift
murus, -i, m.wall
mutochange; exchange
namquefor indeed, for
nanciscor, -i, nactusfind, obtain
nascor, nasci, natusbe born
nation, -onis, f.tribe, race, nation
natura, -ae, f.nature

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