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Song of War, 12 (9 to 19 appearances)

abeo, abire, abii, abiturusto go away
accendo, accendere, accendi, accensusto set on fire
acer, acris, acrekeen; savage, fierce
Achates, Achatae, m.Achates
Achivus -a, -umAchaean, Greek
acies -ei, edge; line of sight, glance, eye; army, battle, battle-line, ranks
addo, addere, addidi, additusto add
altum -i, n.the deep, the sea
anima -ae f.soul, heart
ars, artis f.skill
auris, auris f.ear
averto -ere, averti, aversusto turn away, divert
cingo, -ere cinxi, cinctusto surround; to gird, equip
coma -ae f.often plural - hair
Creusa -ae f.wife of Aeneas; daughter of Priam and Hecuba
crinis, crinis m.lock of hair, tress, pl: hair of the head
culmen, culminis n.summit of a building, roof; height, zenith
cunctus - a -umall
dux, ducis m.leader
effero, efferre, extuli, elatusto carry out, bring out
ensis, ensis m.sword
fas, nright, ordained; morally right, fitting, proper
figo, figere, fixi, fixusto drive in, insert; to pierce, shoot; to set down, plant
geminus -a -umtwin; twofold; double
hasta -ae f.spear
Iliacus -a -umof Ilium, Trojan
infelix, infelicisunproductive; inauspicious, diastrous; unfortunate, unlucky
inimicus -a -umunfriendly, hostile; harmful
iuvo -are iuvi, iutusto help, assist; impersonal it helps
lego -ere lēgi, lectusto gather; to select; to travel over; to read

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