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Caesar Vocabulary (Bk IV 32-35)

acies -ei fline of battle, battle formation
aegrēwith difficulty
alienus -a -umforeign; inappropriate, unfavorable
armo -are -avi -atusto arm
celeritas -tatis f.speed, quickness
circiterabout, approximately
cohors, cohortis f.cohort (one tenth of a legion)
colloco -are -avi -atusto locate, place, position
committo -ere -misi -missusbring together; enter into, engage in, begin
confertus -a -umpressed together, dense, closely packed
confestimimmediately, without difficulty
consuetudo -dinis fcustom, habit
dimitto -ere dimisi dimissusto send away
essedum -i n.chariot (used by the Britons}
excedo -ere -cessi -cessusto go out
exercitatio -onis ftraining, practice
hucto this place, here
incertus -a -umuncertain, disorganized
ineo -ire -ii -tusto go into, to enter, to enter upon, to begin, to undertake
interpono -ere -posui -positusto put between, to insert, to introduce
noctuat night
nuntius -i m.messenger, message
opportunus -a -umconvenient, suitable, advantageous, helpful
pauloby a little, a little
peditatus -ūs minfantry, foot soldiers
perpetuus -a -umperpetual, everlasting (in perpetuum - forever)
praeda -ae f.loot
praedico -are -avi -atusto declare publicly, to report, to announce
premo -ere pressi pressusto press, press upon, press hard
procedo -ere processi processusto go forward, to advance
quantushow much, how great, what a great
se recipereto take oneself back, to withraw, to reatreat
succedo -ere -cessi -cessurusto go under, enter, follow, take the place of
sustineo -ēre sustinui sustentusto sustain, endure, withstand, hold out
ventito -are -avi -aturusto come often, to keep coming

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