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ER 29 - Review vocabulary - (copy)

aedificium -i n.building
equus -i
lutum -i n.mud
miles, militis m.soldier
mulier -eris f.woman
multitudo -inis f.crowd
onus, oneris n.load, burden
tempus -oris n.time
vehiculum -i n.vehicle
commotus -a -ummoved, upset
ille, illa, illudthat
ingens, ingentishuge
obesus -a -umfat
parvulus -a -umsmall
appropinquo -are -avi -atus + dativeto approach
vito -are -avi -atusto avoid
teneo -ere tenui tentusto hold
iaceo -ere iacui iaciturusto be lying down, to lie
cado -ere cecidi casurusto fall
accido -ere accidito happen
lego -ere legi lectusto read
vinco -ere vici victusto conquer, to win
a, ab, prep + ablativefrom, by

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