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ER 31- Vocabulary

cachinnus -i m.laughter
optimus -a -umbest; very good; excellent
lanius -i m.butcher
caro, carnis f.meat
Quanti . . .?How much
perna -ae f.ham
pretium -i n.price
procax, procacisinsolent; pushy
autemhowever; but
multus -a -ummuch
pinguis -is -efat
minuo, minuere, minui, minutusto lessen; reduce; decrease
denarius -i m.silver coin
immorather; on the contrary
lepus -oris m.hare
gratisfree; for nothing
recterightly; properly
verotruly; really; indeed
pasco, pascere, pavi, pastusto feed; to pasture
addo, addere, addidi, additusto add
accipio, accipere, accepi, acceptusto receive; to get
triclinium - n.dining room
mittito be sent
retinerito be held back; kept
emito be bought
reprehendo, -ere reprehendi, reprehensusto scold; to blame

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