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Cattus Petasatus

libro -areto balance
conspicor -arito catch sight of, see
fruor, frui, fructus sumto enjoy + abl.
pavesco -ereto become alarmed
pertimesco -ere -uito become very frightened
gesto -areto wear, to carry
persulto -areto jump, to leap
prosum prodesse profuito be useful, to benefit
haereo -─ôre haesi haesumto cling, to be at a loss
forefuturum esse
iuvatit helps, it pleases
forasto the outside
volatinum -i n.kite
spes, spei fhope
stropha -ae f.trick
scyphus - m.cup
libum - n.cake
lac, lactis n.milk
simulacrum - n.image
rastrum - n.rake
cista -ae f.trunk
fragor -oris m.crash
plenus -a -umfull
bellus -a -umpretty, attractive
periucundus -a -umvery pleasant
peritus -a -um (+ gen.)skilled, expert (in)
decorus -a -umappropriate, handsome
suavis -is -esweet, delightful, pleasant
otiosus -a -umat leisure
effrenatus -a -umwild, unrestrained

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