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Ecce Romani 18 Vocabulary

praecurrō, praecurrereto run ahead
homo, hominis
se praecipitantthey hurl themselves, they rush
fugiō, fugereto flee
hī canēsthese dogs
cauda -ae f.tail
apparuithe appeared
obesus -a -umfat
revocavithe called back
pernoctavēruntthey have spent the night
legatus -i m.envoy
Quid agis?How are you?
Mehercule!By Hercules! Goodness me!
nisi errōunless I am mistaken
agnoscō, agnoscereto recognize
doleo, dolereto be sad
brevis -is -eshort
immobilis -is -emotionless
incolumis -is -eunhurt, safe and sound
omnis -is -eall, the whole, every, each
Qualis -is -e?What sort of?
viator, viatoris m.traveler
vesperiin the evening
fortis -is -ebrave, strong
olfaciō, olfacereto catch the scent of, smell, sniff

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