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Vergil - Pharr's Aeneid General Vocabulary Column 6

Practice drills on vocabulary from the pull-out pages of Pharr's Aeneid General Vocabulary Column 6

per (+acc.)through, by (means of), over, among, because of, during
pes, pedis m.foot; sheet-rope, sheet
peto, petere, petivi, petitus, -a, -umto seek, to attack, to aim (at), to ask; to scan
pius, pia, piumdevoted, loyal, righteous
plures, pluramore (pl.)
plurimus, plurima, plurimummost
plusmore (sing.)
poena, poenae f.punishment, penalty, satisfaction, revenge, vengeance
pono, ponere, posui, positus, -a, -umto put, to place (aside); to found, to establish; to bury
portus, portus m.port, harbor, haven
possum, posse, potui, ---to be able, can, to avail
Priamus, Priami m.Priam, king of Troy
primus, prima, primumfirst, foremost, chief
proculfar, at a distance, (from) afar
puer, pueri m.boy, child; slave
puppis, puppis f.stern; ship, vessel, galley
quaero, quaerere, quaesivi, quaesitus, -a, -umto seek (in vain), to miss, to inquire, to ask, to try
-queand, also, even
qui, quae, quodwho, which what, that
quis, quidwho? which? what? why? any, some(one)
quowhither, where(fore), whereby
quondam(at) some time, formerly, ever
refero, referre, retuli, relatus, -a, -umto bear back, to restore, to carry off; to reproduce, to renew, to recall; to relate, to say; to (re)pay
regina, reginae f.queen
regnum, regni n.royal power, kingdom, realm, rule, sway, sovereignty
relinquo, relinquere, reliqui, relictus, -a, -umto leave, to desert, to surrender, to abandon, to relinquish
remus, remi m.oar
res, rei f.thing, affair, matter, deed, fact, fortune; state, commonwealth
rex, regis m.king
ruo, ruere, rui, ru(i)tus, -a, -umto fall; to rush; to sink; to plow
sacer, sacra, sacrumsacred, holy, consecrated; accursed; n. subt. sacrifice, holy implement, holy object; mystery
sanguis, sanguinis m.blood; race, descendant

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