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Ecce Romani 17 - Irregular Verbs - Flash cards, etc.

Irregular verbs, page 128

eoI go
isyou go (sing)
ithe, she, it goes
imuswe're going
itisyou go (pl)
euntthey go
ibamI used to go
ibasyou used to go (sing)
ibathe, she, it used to go
ibamuswe used to go
ibatisyou used to go (pl)
ibantthey used to go
igo! (sing)
itego! (pl)
ireto go
feroI bring
fersyou carry (sing)
ferthe, she it carries
ferimuswe bring
fertisyou carry (pl)
feruntthey bring
ferebamI used to carry
ferebasyou ussed to carry (sing)
ferebathe, she, it used to bring
ferebamuswe used to bring
ferebatisyou used to carry (pl)
ferebantthey used to carry
ferBring! (sing)
ferteBring! (pl)
ferreto carry, bring
noloI don't want
non visyou don't want (sing)
non vulthe, she, it doesn't want
nolumuswe don't want
non vultisyou don't want (pl0
noluntthey don't want
nolebamI used to not want
nolebasyou used to not want (sing)
nolebathe, she it used to not want
nolebamuswe used to not want
nolebatisyou used to not want (pl)
nolebantthey used to not want
nolleto not want
noli...don't ... (sing)
nolite...don't... (pl)
voloI want
visyou want (sing)
vulthe, she, it wants
volumuswe want
vultisyou want (pl)
voluntthey want
volebamI used to want
volebasyou used to want (sing)
volebathe, she it used to want
volebamuswe used to want
volebatisyou used to want (pl)
volebantthey used to want
velleto want

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