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Pliny, Vesuvius, ER 76 (68) Part II

latus -a -umwide, broad, widespread
tenebrae -arum f. pl.shadows, darkness
anima -ae f.breath, breathing
surgo -ere surrexi, surrecturusto rise
tectum -i n.roof, pl. house
vagor -ari -atus sumto wander
creber, crebra, crebrumnumerous, crowded, repeated
casus -us m.fall, chance, accident
caput, capitis, n.head
impono, -ere imposui, impositusto put on, to place on
lumen -inis n.light
solvo, solvere, solvi, solutusto untie, to dissolve, to break up
placuitit was decided
haurio -ire, hausi, haustusto drain , to drink down
concido -ere, concidito fall down
angustus -a -umnarrow
indutus -a -umclothed, dressed
accedo, accedere, accessi,accessurusto come near
pumex, pumicis, m.pumice stone
ambustus -a -umburned up
lapis, lapidis m.stone
vadum -i, shallow water
litus, litoris n.shore
flecto, flectere, flexi,flectusto bend, to turn
iuvo, iuvare, iuvi, iutusto help
cresco, crescere,crevi, creturusto grow, to increase
compector, completi, complexus sumto embrace
trepidans, trepidantisin a panic
posco -ere poposcito ask, to demand
limen, liminis n.threshold

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