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Song of War, 01 (20+ appearances)

a, ab(away) from, by + abl.
ac, atqueand, also; as, than
adto, toward; near, at, about + acc.
Aeneas, ae acc. anAeneas, Trojan hero
aequor -oris n.sea, waves; level plain
agmen -inis, line of battle; course
alius -a aliudother, another, else
altus -a -umhigh, lofty; deep
amor -oris, desire, passion
animus -i m.mind; pl. courage, pride
antebefore + acc.; sooner, previously
ara -ae f.altar
arma -orum n. pl.arms, equipment, tools
arx, arcis, fort; height, hill
at, astbut, yet, however, at least
aura -ae f.breeze, air; favor; light
autor, either
aut . . . auteither . . . or
bellum -i n.war, warfare, combat, fight
caelum -i n.,sky, heaven; weather
circumaround, about, at, near +acc.
coniunx, coniugis m or fhusband, wife, spouse
corpus -oris n.body
cum (conj)when, while, since, although
cum (prep)with +abl.
cura -ae, anxiety; love
Danaus -a -umGreek
Danai -orumthe Greeks
de(down, away) from; concerning, about, according to +abl.
deus - i m.god, divinity, deity
dico, dicere, dixi, dictussay, tell, call
dictum -i n.word, speech; command
tuus -a, -umyour
ubi adv. and conj.where, when
umbra -ae, f.shadow, shade. ghost
unus -a, -umone; alone, only
urbs, urbis,
utas, when; that, so that, how
-veor, either . . . or
venio, venire, veni, venturusto come
ventus -i, m.wind
via -ae, f.road, street
video, videre, vidi, visusto see; passive -to appear
vinco, vincere, vici, victusto win, conquer, overcome
vir, viri,, husband, hero
vis, f. acc. vim abl. viforce, amount;
vocoto call, invite
vox, vocis, f.voice; utterance, speech, word
unda -ae f.wave, water , sea

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