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Ecce Romani 51

purus -a -umspotless, clean, plain white
sumo sumereto assume
limen, liminis n.threshold, doorway
si quisif anyone
nonnulli -ae -asome
oro -are -avi -atusto beg
ne se dimitteretnot to send them away
impero -are -avi -atus + order
Lares, Larum m. plhousehold gods
familiaris -ia -ebelonging to the family/ household
praecipio -ere praecepi, praeceptus + instruct, to order
dimitto -ere, dimisi, dimissusto send away
comitor -ari -atus sumto accompany
erat inscribendumhad to be registered
gratias agere + thank
erga + acc.toward
benevolentia -ae f.kindness
amplector, amplecti, amplexus sumto embrace
hortor -ari -atus sumto encourage, to urge
obsecro -are -avi -atusto beseech
moneo -ere monui, monitusto warn, to advise
persuadeo -ere persuasi, persuasurus + dativeto persuade
invito -are -avi -atusto invite

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