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Basic cell structure

CellBuilding block of life
Cell membraneregulates what enters and exits a cell
CytoplasmColloid with organelles
Nucleuscontains chromosomes
Nuclear membraneregulates what enters and exits nucleus
chromosomesmade of DNA and protein
DNAgenetic material with "code of life"
organellesmembrane bounded structures in cytoplasm
ribosomesin cytoplasm and produce protein
golgi bodiesorganelle that wraps protein
endoplasmic reticulummove materials within the cell
lysosomes or "suicide sacs"breakdown dead cells
cell wallplant cell structure for support
chloroplastsIn plant cell only & for photosynthesis
prokaryotic cellsbacterial cells - lack nuclleus and organelles
eukaryotic cellshave nucleus and organelles
microtubulesprotein scaffolding
hierarchy of organizationcells-->tissues-->organ-->system
centrioleproduce fibers for cell division

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