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Sing to the Stars

Vocabulary practice

strideswalks with long steps
rhythmmovement or beats that repeat in a regular pattern
fundraisera way to make money for charity
open mikea microphone that anyone can use to show their talent
stammersspeaks with pauses and repeated words
clutchingholding tightly
blaringmaking a loud, harsh noise
glaringvery bright
classicalrelating to a musical style from 18th century Europe
sultryvery hot and humid
jazza type of music with a strong rhythm
hubbubnoise, turmoil
murmura low, constant sound
amplifierselectronic equipment that makes sound stronger or louder
beama ray of light
brownoutwhen the electricity goes out
graspstakes hold of
debuta first performance in public
forearmlower part of the arm

Versailles, MO

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