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Human Biology

Match the substance,tissue, organ, or organ system with its function.

Muscle tissuethe ability to contract, or shorten
Connective tissueprovides support and connects different body parts
Nerve tissuecarries messages back and forth
Epithelial tissueforms a protective surface
Hormoneschemical messengers that regulate certainactivities
Enzymeschemicals that help to break down food into simpler substances
Organ systemgroup of organs that work together to perform a specific function
Organgroup of different tissues with a specific job
Heartpumps blood throughout the body
Lungsmain respiratory organ
Tissuegroup of similar cells that perform the same function
Small intestineorgan in which most digestion takes place
Skeletal systemprotects, supports, allows movement, produces blood cells
Muscular systemallows body movement and maintains posture
Digestive systembreaks down food and absorbs nutrients
Circulatory systemtransports nutrients, wastes, and other materials
Respiratory systemexchanges oxygen and carbon dioxide between blood and air
Nervous systemdetects sensation and contols most functions
Excretory systemremoves solid and liquid waste
Reproductive systemPerforms reproduction and male and female functions

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