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Seventh Grade Life Science
Depew Middle School

asexual reproductiononly 1 parent, offspring is identical to parent
sexual reproduction2 parents, offspring is a blend of both parents
sexualmeiosis is required to produce a male & female sex cell for _ _ _ _ _ _ reproduction
interphasethe 1st stage of mitosis
prophasethe 2nd stage of mitosis
metaphasethe 3rd phase of mitosis
anaphasethe 4th phase of mitosis
telophasethe LAST phase of mitosis
eggs & spermWhat is formed by meiosis?
daughter cellsWhat is formed by mitosis?
reduced by 1/2in meiosis the chromosomes are _______.
daughter cellsWhat are identical to the original body cells?
sex cellsmeiosis forms _ _ _ cells.
testesWhat organ produces sperm cells?
ovariesWhat organ produces egg cells?
zygoteAnother name for a fertilized egg is _ _ _ _ _ _ .
uniteThe egg & sperm _ _ _ _ _ in sexual reproduction.
fertilizationCells from 2 parents combine at the time of _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ .
dominantallele that can cover up another allele; represented by a capital letter
genea segement of DNA that codes for a specific trait
xygenotype for a male
hereditythe passing of traits from parents to offspring
chromosonescomposed of genes
traita characteristic that an organism can pass on to its offspring through its genes
recessivea trait that is only expressed in the homozygous form
dominant allelean allele whose trait always shows up in the organism when it is present
hybridan organism that has 2 different alleles for a trait or is heterozygous for a particular trait
karyotypea picture of all the chromosones in a cell arranged in pairs
genotypean organism's genetic makeup, or allele combinations
recessive allelean allele that is masked when a dominant allele is present
xxgenotype for a female
heterozygous or hybridhaving 2 different alleles for a trait, a dominant and a recessive allele
hereditypassing of traits from one generation to the next
Punnett squarea chart that shows all the possible combinations of alleles that can result from a genetic cross
meiosisthe process that occurs in sex cellls by which the number of chromosones is reduced by half
allelesdifferent forms of a gene
phenotypedescribes the appearance of a trait
Gregor Mendelfather of genetics
geneticsthe science of heredity
homozygous or purehaving 2 identical alleles for a trait
genotypealleles that describe the genes of an organism
recessive traitwill only show up if the organism does not have the dominant allele
DNAthe "double helix" that makes up the genes and contains the heredity information of the cell
adaptationsspecial traits that enable an organism to survive in its environment
body cellscells that play no direct part in fertilization
dominant characterinherited trait that overshadows the recessive trait and keeps it from showing in a hybrid
flagellumthe whiplike tail that forms on a sperm cell, enabling it to move
incomplete dominanceblending inheritance; appearance of offspring is a mixture of the parents' contrasting traits
recessive characterinherited trait that is overshadowed by a dominant trait and is kept from showing in a hybrid
reduction divisioncell division in which each new cell receives one-half the species number of chromosomes; occurs during formation of sex cells
species numbernumber of chromosomes characteristic of the body cells of a species
variationsdifferences that exist among all organisms of the same species

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