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Hussey's Vocabulary Review Part I

Senior Vocabulary List 1-100

GlibEasily spoken, speaking toosmoothly to be sincere
LugubriousSad or mournful, doleful
FinesseDelicate skill, subtlety
NemesisAn avenger, an unbeatable rival
PurloinTo steal
BanalCommonplace, trite
PseudonymA fictitious name assumed by an author, a pen name
LampoonStrongly satirical writing, to ridicule or satirize
NefariousVery wicked, infamous
BellicoseWarlike, inclined to fighting
EuphemismA mild expression used in place of a harsh or crude one
NebulousHazy, vague, not clearly defined
AbjectHopelessly low, wretched, miserable
ProprietyAcceptable behavior, conformity with convential standards
RevileTo attack with abusive language, to call insulting names
DistraughtIn a state of mental conflict, agitated, crazed
AdmonishTo reprove mildly and kindly, but seriously; to caution or warn, to urge
Prosaicmatter of fact, ordinary, commonplace
PhlegmaticSluggish, indifferent, calm
CommensurateIn proper proportion, having the same scale, measure, size
IncognitoOne who is in disguise or using an assumed name; in disguise
CognizantAware of or informed about something
FarsicalRidiculous, like a farce, exaggeratedly comical
DiscursiveWandering or shifting from one subject to another; rambling; long winded
HyperboleAn obvious exaggeration
OmnicientKnowing everything
FortuitousOccurring by chance; accidental
AssimilateTo absorb and incorporate food or knowledge
EnnuiDiscontent and listlessness from lack of interest; boredom
MesmerismHypotism, hypnotic appeal; intense fascination
DirgeA funeral hymn
ConferTo give, grant, or bestow; to meet for a discussion
ExpatriateTo banish from one's native land; one who is exiled
ColloquyA conversation or conference, usually formal
AllayTo lessen, to relieve, to calm
FeignedTo pretend; to make up
BlazonTo proclaim; to display publicly a banner
CholericEasily angered; bad tempered
AdroitClever; skillful; expert
BravadoA show of false bravery or confidence e
GuileCraftiness, deceit, cunning
ProfferTo offer; an offer
SeraphicAngelic, of the highest order of angels
AmorphousShapeless, not organized
DecorumProper action, speech or dress; good manners or behavior
ProtegeSomeone whose welfare or career is promoted by an influential person
SanguineNaturally cheerful and hopeful; confident
DoggerelBadley written or trivial verse
AsceticA person who practices self denial
FacileEasily done; superficial
TacitImplied or understood without being spoken
NondescriptDrab; hard to describe
SundryVarious, miscellaneous
InveigleTo win over with trickery; to entice with deceitful talk; to dupe
DogmaA belief held to be true; a doctrine
ScurrilousAbusive, vulgar and foul language
ParsimoniousToo economical; stingy; miserly
ExhortTo urge strongly, to advise or warn
NonentityA person of little or no importance; existing only in the imagination
VociferousLoud and noisy; clamorous
GratuitousFreely given or obtrained; unearned; without cause
PrerogativeA right or privilege belonging to a person; an exclusive privilege ge
VenerateTo regard with deep respect, honor or esteem
TruismA statement the truth of which is obvious or well known
EruditeHaving or displaying extensive knowledge; scholarly
CharlatanA person who falsely pretends to be an expert; a quack
ExtolTo praise highly
BroachTo mention for the first time; to introduce a subject
PredisposedTo create or possess a tendency or preference
ImmutableNever changing
InfringeTo violate or disregard; to trespass
SpeciousSeemingly desirable, reasonable or true but not really so
OstensibleOutwardly professed; apparent; seeming
AbsolveTo declare free from guilt and blame
SubjugateTo subdue; to conquer; to force to submit
AntipodeAny two places at directly opposite points of the earth; two opposite things
RetroactiveApplying to events that are past
AntipathyA strong dislike; an aversion
NettleA stinging plant; to irritate
IndigentPoor and needy
MundaneOrdinary, commonplace; of this world
EulogyA speech praising someone sho has recently died
ProgenyChildren, decendants
CopiousAbundant; plentiful
TenureThe holding of an office; the permanence of poisition granted to workers
EuphonyAgreeableness of sound; pleasant combination of sounds
SonorousGiving out a deep, rich sound
AbnegationSelf denial; giving up rights
PoignantPainfully felt; emotionally touching or moving
ExtraneousComing from the outside; foreign; not necessary
HackneyedUsed too often; stale from overuse; trite
ParagonA model of excellence or perfection
AscribeTo assign or attribute
InconsequentialUnimportant; petty; trivial
HumdrumWithout variety or excitment; monotonous; dull
EngenderTo bring into being; to produce; to cause; to cause
IdiosyncracyA personal peculiarity; a quirk
ElegyA sad or mournful poem or song about someone who is dead
IntrovertA person who looks inward; a shy, quiet person; a shy
HomilyA sermon, especially on something in the Bible

Susan Hussey

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