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Chapter One Vocabulary Review

Dynamic Earth - Chapter One Vocabulary Review

stressthe forces that push and pull on the Earth's crust
crustthe surface layer of the earth
deformationin geology, any change in the original shape or volume of rocks
compressionthe type of stress that squeezes rocks together
tensionthe type of stress that pulls rocks apart
shearingthe type of stress that pushes rocks if the crust in two opposite, horizontal directions
fracturein minerals, the way a mineral that does not cleave breaks along a rough or jagged surface
faulta break or crack along which cracks move
hanging wallthe block of rock above a fault
foot wallthe block of rock below a fault
normal faulta fault in which the hanging wall moves down relative to the foot wall
reverse faulta fault in which the hanging wall moves up to the foot wall
thrust faulta reverse fault in which the hanging wall slides iver the foot wall
lateral faulta fault along which the blocks move horizontally past each other
fault-block mountaina mountain formed by blocks of rock uplifted from normal faults
rift valleya valley formed when the block of land between two normal faults slides downword
folda bend in rock
anticlinea upward fold in rock
synclinea downward fold in rock
domea raised area shaped roughly like the top half of a sphere, often formed by magma pushing upward on the rock layers above it
plateaua large area of flat land that is raised high above sea level and that consists of horizontal rock layers
mantlethe layer of the Earth that extends from the bottom of the crust to the core
isostasythe balancing of the downword force of the crust and the upward force of the mantle

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