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Short Story Elements

Short story elements and their definitions.

plotthe story line
themethe lesson learned
characterizationdecription of characters
indirect characterizationwords, actions, reactions describe the characters
direct characterizationauthor uses adjectives to describe characters
settingthe place and time of the story
static charactera character who does not change over the story
dynamic charactera character that changes over the story
conflictthe problem or struggle
climaxthe highpoint or most suspenseful
suspenseanxious curiousity
foreshadowhint at the outcome of the story
resolutionthe outcome of the story
point of viewthe view from which the story is told
1st person point of viewuses "I" readers get inside the narrator's mind
3rd person point of viewstory told from a character's point of view
omniscient point of viewan all-knowing point of view, gets insides other character's head

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