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vocabulary review

Echinodermataphylum of "spiny skins"
chordatesechinoderms may share a common ancestor with lower chordates
larval symmetryfree swimming, bilateral symmetrical larva
adult symmetrybottom dwelling, radil symmetrical adults
pentaradial symmetryfive radii or multiples of 5
endoskeletoninternal skeleton composed of calcium plates which may include protruding spines
water-vascular systema network of water filled canals
tube feetnumerous small, movable protrusions that aid in movement, feeding, respiration, and excretion
circulatory systemnone in echinoderms
respiratory systemnone in echinoderms
excretory systemnone in echinoderms
nervous sytemnerves, but no head nor brain
reproductiontwo sexes; can reproduce sexually or asexually
sessilenot free living, possible status of fossilized echinoderms
five classescrinoidea, asteroidea, ophiuroidea, echinoidea, holothuroidea
parthenogenesisreproduction of organisms without the fusion of gametes of the opposite sexes

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