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Sea Stars, Starfish

habitatall over the world in coastal waters and along rocky shores
foodoysters, clams
oral surfacethe underside of its body where the mouth is
aboral surfacethe top side of its body
endoskeletona skeleton found within the body
ossiclescalcium plates covered with a thin layer of epidermus which also form the spines on the aboral surface
pedicellariaegroups of tiny pincer like cells which help protect and clean the surface of the body
water-vascular systema network of canals in which muscular contractions create hydrostatic pressure which permits movement
sieve platea small opening on the aboral side where water enters
madreporitea calcereous pore beneath the sieve plate used for intake of water
stone canala water passage connecting the madreporite to the ring canal
ring canala water passage encircling the mouth and braching out to each radial canal
radial canalwater passage that extends from the ring canal to the hundreds of paired tube feet
ampullaa bulblike sac at the upper end of each tube foot
suctioncreated and released by the contraction of the tube feet and the ampula which enbales the sea star to move, and to catch and open prey
stomachgets turned inside out and is inserted into the bivalve
enzymessecreted by the stomach to digest the bivalve while it is still in its shell
coelomfluid in this body cavity bahtes the organs and distributes nutrients and oxygen
skin gillsholow tubes that project from the coelom lining
diffusionmethod of gas exchange and waste excretion; through the thin walls of the tube feet and the skin gills
nerve ringsurrounds the mouth and branches off into nerve cords that extend into each arm
eyespotfound on each arm and is sensitive to light
tentacle (and tube feet)found on each arm and is sensitive to touch
gonadstwo in each arm, producing eggs in females and sperm in males
200 millioneggs produced by one female in one season
bipinnariafree swimming, bilateral larva from a fertilized egg
asexual reproductionregeneration of lost parts
can still regeneratea segment of an arm with intact portions of the central disc

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