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Imperfect Tense

There are only three irregular verbs in the imperfect tense, ver, ir, and ser. All others follow the examples given.

yo nadabaI used to swim
tú nadabasyou used to swim
él nadabahe used to swim
nosotros nadábamoswe used to swim
vosotros nadabaisya'll used to swim
ellos nadabanthey used to swim
yo podíaI used to be able to
tú podíasyou used to be able to
ella podíashe used to be able to
nosotros podíamoswe used to be able to
vosotros podíaisya'll used to able to
ellas podíanthey used to be able to
yo decíaI used to say
tú decíasyou used to say
él decíahe used to say
nosotros decíamoswe used to say
vosotros decíaiswe used to say
ellos decíanthey used to say
yo veíaI used to see
tú veíasyou used to see
ella veíashe used to see
nosotros veíamoswe used to see
vosotrso veíaisya'll used to see
ellas veíanthey used to see
yo eraI used to be
tú erayou used to be
él erashe used to be
nosotros éramoswe used to be
vosotros eraisyá'll used to be
ellos eranthey used to be
yo ibaI used to go
tú ibasyou used to go
ella ibashe used to go
we íbamoswe used to go
vosotros ibaisya'll used to go
ellos ibanthey used to go

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