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Nervous System

Test your knowledge of the Nervous system

QuadriplegiaParalysis of all four limbs
PlexusLarge network of nerves
DementiaMental decline and deterioration
CausalgiaBurning pain
Pituitary glandMaster gland of brain
Alzheimer'sProgressive memory loss
NeuronIndividual nerve cell.
Herpes zosterAdult chickenpox/shingles
GaitManner of walking
MeningesConnective tissue surround the brain/spinal cord
TremorInvoluntary shaking
Huntington's choreaHereditary nervous disorder
DemyelinationDestruction of the myelin sheath
Spina bifidaCongenital abnormality of spinal column
MeningitisInflammation of the linings of the brain and spinal cord
SciaticLongest nerve in the leg and thigh
HemiplegiaParalysis of half the body
AneurysmWidening of a blood vessel
SyncopeFainting spells
ReflexInvoluntary response to something
DysphasiaImpairment of speech
Bell's palsyParalysis of facial nerve causing drooping of face
MyelogramRecord of the spinal cord
TinnitusRinging in the ears
ComaState of unconsciousness
Romberg signTest to check balance, gait
AuraSensation of a feeling
CerebrumLargest part of the brain
StrokeBlood supply to brain is blocked
NarcolepsySleep seizures
GliomaMalignant brain tumor

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