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Clues to Earth's Past.

_______ are evidence such as the remains, imprints, and traces of once liveng organisms.Fossils
___________ _______ are hard rocklike remains of fossils that have been filled with minerals.Petrified Remains
Process of chemically changing plant material is called carbonization, and produces a fossil called _____________ _____carbonaceous film
A _____ is a cavity that is left behind after a fossil has decayed and not yet a cast.mold
A ____ is a filled in cavity that filled in in with sediments.cast
_______ _______ are fossils that are not decayed and found still in tact.Original Remains
_____ _______ are fossils found that were left afer dinosaurs.Trace Fossils
_______ means that is is not living any longer..Extinct
A ______ is thought to of land when the dinos where alive.meteorite
___ __ _____________ states that in an undisturbed layer of rock the oldest rock is on bottom.Law of superposition.
_________ ______ is used in geology to see how old a layer of rock is.Relative Dating
______________ are gaps in rock records.Uncomformities.

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