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These games cover the general rules of capitalization of proper nouns and adjectives.

A proper nounis the name of a particular person, place, thing or idea
A proper adjectiveis an adjective made from a proper noun
Capitalize names of personsToni Bambara
Capitalize initials that stand for namesRobert B. Ballard
Capitalize titles that appear before people's namesDr. Sarah Smith
Do not capitalize titles when a name does not follow.The doctor walked in.
Capitalize mother, father, aunt, uncle when these are used as names.Tom and Dad went shopping.
Do not capitalize mother, father, aunt, and uncle when preceded by the possessive.My mother and I sang.
Capitalize abbreviations of titles that appear after a name.Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Always capitalize the pronoun I.I read some of his poetry.
Capitalize religions, sacred beings or religious scripture.The Bible is the source for Christianity.
Races and ethnic groups are capitalized.There are African Americans and Hispanics in the U.S.
Capitalize languages.English and French are taught in our school.
Only capitalize school subjects if it is a language or a number comes after.I took English and Math 101 today.
Capitalize nationalities.French and Norwegian sailors visited the shop.
Capitalize important words in a geographic name.The Atlantic Ocean borders the east coast of the U.S.
Capitalize world regions.The Far East is a source of trade.
Always capitalize names and sections of the U.S.The North has more factories than the South.
Do not capitalize the compass if it is a direction.We traveled south on Route 95.
Capitalize adjectives that are made from compass areas.The Western nations agreed to trade.

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