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Circulatory System

pacemakercontrols heart's rhythm
plasmaliquid portion of the blood
atherosclerosismost common cause of heart attack
fibrinstops bleeding by trapping blood cells
septumseparates heart into left and right sides
valvesflaps of tissue that control flow of blood
cholesterolfat like substance in the blood
bone marrowwhere blood cells are produced
right ventriclepumps blood to the lungs
transfusiontransferring blood from one person to another
left ventriclepumps blood to the body
aortalargest blood vessel
arteriescarry blood away from the heart
veinscarry blood back to the heart
hemoglobiniron containing protein in red blood cells
capillarysmallest blood vessels
sphygmomanometermeasures blood pressure
plateletscell fragments that help blood clot
white blood cellsfight invaders to the body
pulmonary arteriescarry blood to the lungs
blood pressurethe force of the blood and the resistance of the blood vessels
A, B, O, ABfour blood groups
liver and spleenwhere blood cells are broken down
heartpumping organ of circulatory system
atriacollecting chambers of the heart

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