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The Thirteen Colonies Rebel

A game to allow students to test their vocabulary skills concerning events leading up to the Revolutionary War.
"America's Past and Promise"

AllianceAgreement to act together
Proclamation of 1763Forbade colonists to settle west of the Appalcahians
RevenueGovernment income
Stamp ActDirect tax on paper products
BoycottRefusal to buy
Sons of LibertyGroup that organized to fight Stamp Act
George IIIBritish king who sent troops to America
Townshend ActsLaws that taxed tea glass, lead, paper, paint
Writs of assistanceSearch warrant giving British officers unlimited search rights
PropagandaWay of spreading political views
Boston Masacre1770 shooting of colonists by Brisitsh soldiers
Boston Tea PartyProtest in which colonists dumped British tea into Boston Harbor
Crispus AttucksAfrican American sailor killed in Boston Massacre
James OtisColonist who said writs of assistance were against the law of nature
John LockeEnglish philosopher who wrote about law of nature
Samuel AdamsBoston lawyer who favored total independence
Intolerable ActsClosed port of Boston, put Mass under military rule, increased the royal governor's powers, and forced housing British soldiers
First Continental CongressMeeting of colonial delegates in reponse to Intolerable Acts
militaArmy of ordinary citizens
Minutemanmember of the militia ready to fight on amoment's notice
LoyalistPerson loyal to Britain
PatriotPerson favoring independence
Thomas GageBritish governor of Mass
John HancockRich Patriot and head of the Committee of Safety
Patrick HenryVirginian Patriot who urged the colonists to fight for liberty
Paul ReverePatriot silversmith who warned of British attack
LexingtonFirst military encounter of the Revolutionary War
ConcordSecond battle, where British were forced to retreat

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