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The Initial Colonies

Review of information on The Lost Colony, Jamestown, and Plymouth

Oceanuschild born on the Mayflower
Virginia Darefirst English child born in the New World
charterofficial document giving a person permission to do something, such as settle an area
armadalarge fleet of ships, especially warships
Queen Elizabeth Iqueen of England during the rounding of the Roanoke colony and defeat of the Spanish Aramada
Sir Walter RaleighEnglish explorer, historian, and soldier/started two unsuccessful colonies
John Whiteleader of the English colony of Roanoke in 1587
King Philip IIking of Spain during the English defeat of the Spanish Armada in 1588
Roanoke Islandisland off the coast of North Carolina, the site of the "Lost Colony"
Virginiaregion north of Florida that was claimed by the English and the Spanish/named in honor of the Virgin Queen (Elizabeth I)
1585first English people came to make a settlement in the New World/hunger and hardships
15872nd try at colonization by English/John White left for England to get more food and supplies/Virginia Dare was born
1588Spanish Armada was defeated by England/Sir Francis Drake led the English fleet
1590John White returned to Roanoke (after four years) and found no one
Why did colonists settle in Jamestown?They thought it was safe from the Spanish ships, and there was good hunting and fishing grounds.
What hardships did the colonists encounter?Water was salty and dangerous to drink; the mosquitoes carried diseases; the land was swampy
Who saved Jamestown?Captain John Smith
How did Smith save the colony?He told them, "He that will not work, shall not eat." He made them build houses, plant crops, and raise livestock.
How did tobacco change the colony?People were coming to grow and sell it; it made the colony more money; it became a cash crop
Other major events that helped the colony to growWomen were coming (1619); House of Burgesses was formed (1619); first Africans arrived as indentured servants (1619)
Mayflower Compactan agreement the Pilgrims made before landing in New England to make and obey "just and equal laws"
sachemleader or chief of any group of Native Americans in the Eastern Woodlands and Great Lakes region
Cape Coda peninsula in southern Massachusetts, enclosing Cape Cod Bay
New Englandnorthern region of tbe U.S. containing the states of Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, and Rhode Island
Massasoitmain Wampanoag sachem who made a peace agreement with the Pilgrims in Plymouth
SquantoPawtuxet Native American who helped the Pilgrims at Plymouth to survive
SamosetWamponoag sachem who was among those who first met the Pilgrims in 1620
William BradfordGovernor of the Plymouth Colony beginning in 1621
Miles StandishEnglish army captain at Plymouth who helped defend the colony
Plymouth/Plimothtown in southeastern Massachusetts founded by the Pilgrims in 1620
Croatoanword carved on the tree that was discovered by John White/name of a nearby tribe

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