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SS review - G.Washington

precedentan example set that others follow
Secretary of StateThomas Jefferson
Secretary of the TreasuryAlexander Hamilton
Secretary of WarHenry Knox
Attorney GeneralEdmund Randolph
Postmaster GeneralSamuel Osgood
cabinetthe President's group of advisors
speculatorsomeone who bought up bonds cheaply, hoping to make money
Who did Washington choose as Chief Justice of the Supreme CourtJohn Jay
bondIOU to the person from the gov't
Why did Hamilton want to pay off all the old bonds from the US gov't?to get a good credit rating for the US, so people would want to invest in the US, to help the growth of business
tarifftax on imported goods
An excise tax was placed on _____.whiskey
How did Hamilton get southern states to agree to allow the Federal gov't to take over state debts?he promised to move the capital of the U.S.
Which section of the US was against the excise taxes the most?southern

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