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Respiratory System

A series of games dealing with respiratory system vocabulary

ciliahairlike structures in the nose that help filter foreign particles
mucussecreted in the mucous membranes in the nose this helps moisten the air
capillariestiny blood vessels in the nose that help warm the air.
larynxvoice box
vocal cordsmembranes in the larynx which air passes through to make sounds
epiglottisblocks passage into larynx from pharynx
tracheawindpipe; composed of rings of cartilage & lined with cilia
lungsorgan where gas exchange occurs
bronchi2 cartilage lined tubes that branch off of the trachea
bronchial tubesbranch off the bronchi
bronchiolessmaller tubes that branch off of the bronchial tubes
alveolithin-walled air sacs that are covered with capillaries for diffusion to occur
macrophagesphagocytes that engulf foreign particles in the lungs
vital capacitymaximum amount of air inhaled & then exhaled
tidal volumeamount of air in a normal inhalation & exhalation
inhalationair is drawn into the lungs
exhalationair is forced out of the lungs
diaphragmmuscle on the bottom of the chest cavity that controls breathing
pleura2 layer membrane around each lung
chemoreceptorsdetects low oxygen levels in the blood & sends messages to the brain;found in the aorta & other arteries
oxygentransported to tissues by red blood cells
oxyhemoglobinformed when oxygen bonds with hemoglobin
carbon monoxideslows down oxygen transport
carbon dioxidewaste product of cellular respiration
carbonic acidformed when carbon dioxide combines with water; most common way (70%) carbon dioxide is carried to the lungs.
carboxyhemoglobin20% of carbon dioxide is transported this way; formed when carbon dioxide bonds with hemoglobin
plasmawhere 10% of the carbon dioxide that enters the lungs is diffused into
asthmabronchioles contract forcing air out, caused by an allergic reaction, exertion & emotions; treated with bronchiodilators
bronchitisinflammation of the bronchi with an increase in mucus causing coughing associated with smoking & pollution
emphysemadamage done to the alveoli associated with smoking, irreversible, inelastic scar tissue forms hindering gas exchange
lung cancerabnormal, uncontrolled cell growth in the tissue of the lungs;caused by smoking;leading cause of death in the U.S
carcinogensthings that cause cancer
pneumoniaalveoli fill with fluid as a result of a bacterial infection; treated with antibiotics

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