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This is to learn the fuction of the keyboard and computer parts

Altis used with other function keys to access soft war.
backsace keyMove the cursor to the left (backward) one space at a time. On some equipment,the backspace key may delet characters.
Caps Lock keyis used to key all capital letters.
Cursoris a lighted indicator on the display screen that shows a user's exact position
Space Bar Tab Keyspace the cursor forward one space at a time
Enter/Return Keyis used to enter information into a micocomputer or to return the cursor to the beginning of a new line.
Monitoris an electronic screen that displays data.
disk driveis the component of a microcomputer system that reads and writes data on a disk
Keyboardis a device similar to a type writer keyboard containing alphabetic,numeric,and special function keys
Insert keyallows the user to insert text without deleting perviously keyed text
Numeric lockIs used to activate the numeric keypad
Delete Keyis used to delete text.
Ten-Key Numeric Keyboard( Pad)is a set of keys that resembles a calculatior and is used to enter numeric data.
Tab keymoves the cursor directly to a tab stop
Promptis a line displayed on the monitor to request specific input from the user

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